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About Cheryl Ober Financial Planning

Our mission is simple:

I want you to have comfort and confidence in all the things you do financially, while navigating the financial and lifestyle issues that arise when making life’s transitions. My mission is to help you navigate the winding roads to get to the destination that you are aiming for – free from uncertainty about your financial life.

At Cheryl Ober Financial Planning, I help you plan for what matters most to you. I first get to know you and your life goals. This is the most important step in the process and it becomes the basis for all planning recommendations. I can help you determine where you are now, where you want to be, and provide specific recommendations to get you there. Cheryl Ober Financial Planning is an Investment Advisor Representative of CGN Advisors, LLC, a fee-only SEC-Registered Investment Advisor.

I am committed to providing independent, objective advice. Through the advantages of competent, professional planning, I seek to empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible. As consumer advocates and Fee-Only client fiduciaries, I continue to demonstrate our commitment to serving our clients’ best interests (please see my definitions of these words, below).

What is a Fiduciary and why is it important?

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner, I take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously. This means:

  • I act with undivided loyalty to our clients – your needs come first.
  • I don’t sell financial products; we provide information, advice and knowledge.
  • I work independently to provide sound and objective financial advice. We don’t represent a financial institution (whose primary goal is often to sell financial products).
  • I disclose all fees fully and inform clients of any conflicts of interest.

What is “Fee-Only” financial planning and why should it be important to me?

Fee-Only financial planners are paid only by their clients. They never receive any commissions, sales incentives, bonuses or special perks paid by insurance companies or other financial service entities for selling their products.

Cheryl Ober Financial Planning is a true Fee-Only financial planning firm. Knowing this, you can approach me with the full knowledge that I will be bringing recommendations that are in your best interest only. You do not have to worry that I will need to “sell you something” in order to be paid for providing you advice.

Cheryl invites you to schedule a Get Acquainted meeting to find out if she is a good match for you. Please call us at 612-355-1275 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment. Start planning for what matters today!