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Who We Serve

Most of our clients can be grouped into two categories: families and women.

My clients have in common a need for a professional partner who understands their unique situation and can help them understand the issues that they should plan for, both today and tomorrow. I offer our clients objective insights into the particular issues that concern them. For some, I act as an educator. For others, a coach or mentor. For most, I am a trusted partner and advisor that empowers them to take control of their financial lives.

My approach means I’m able to help you with your financial life, and not just manage your investments. Holistic planning and advice allow me to guide you through the transition from one life state to the next.

For our families, these transitions may include children and grandchildren going to college; preparing for and entering retirement; family and relationship changes; and caring for aging friends, relatives or parents.

For our female clients, it may mean helping manage financial affairs through transitions like the loss of a spouse, partner or loved one; separation or divorce; a job or career change; the sale of a business, or retirement.

Cheryl invites you to schedule a Get Acquainted meeting to find out if she is a good match for you. Please call us at 612-355-1275 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment. Start planning for what matters today!